Customized test stands

Prüfstand zur Dauerlauferprobung DGP

Test bed for endurance testing of manual gearboxes

Test bed for endurance testing of manual gearboxes.

Main features:

  • Test stand rack made out of polymer concrete
  • Height adjustable grooved plate with angle plate for specimen
  • 30kW asynchronous drive, max. rotation speed 10.000 1/min
  • Interface to auomatio system via EtherCAT®

Schaltschrankbau MSR

Mobile test stand automation system MSR

Mobile control unit for testing of components on test benches.

Main features:

  • Designed for test of gearboxes, axles and components
  • Integrated process controll computer for control tasks
  • Integrated safety conrol system
    Programmable DC power supply for supply of vehicle components
  • Feed in unit for connection at a Cekon outlet 400V/ 32A
  • Switchable outlets:
    - 3 x 400V AC / 16A Cekon
    - 3 x 230V AC / 10A Schuko
    - 3 x 24V DC / 10A 2-polig
  • Expandable by a second trolley with two 21“ monitors for operation and control


  • No determined test chamber rquired
  • Connection to any Cekon outlet 400V/ 32A possible
  • Autarchic operation due to integrated safety control system


Gearbox test stand GPS2

With the gearbox test stand GPS2 shift forces of gearboxes of passener cars during automatic shifting a perations can be recorded. To do so the gearbox os implled with addjustable rotation.

Main features:

  • Master computer (PC)
  • Operation panel (19" housing with switches and display and signal processing)
  • Console with drive
  • Console for the specimen wtih adjustment mechanism in 3 axes
  • Console for the gearshift robot (GSA9001s) with adjustment mechanismen in 3 axes


  • Max. rotation speed: 5000r/min
  • Max. torque: 290Nm
  • Up to 500000 test cycles with up to 35 shifting operations / cycle programmable
  • Recording of shifting forces and travel in 2 axes
  • Display of the course of max. shifting fources over all test cycles
  • Operation software for the control of the test cycle, display, storage and processing of the measurement data


Spin test bed

Centrifuge test stand for testing of rotation speed strength of rotationally symmetric components like brake discs of flywheels.

Main features:

  • Test spindle with hydrodynamic bearings designed with a wall bushing into the test chamber
  • Max. rotation speed 25.000 1/min
  • Max. radial loads 12.000N @ n > 5.000 1/min
  • Max. axial load 1.000N
  • Max. mass of specimen 80kg @ 10.000 1/min


  • Dragging of horizontal structures like transmission shafts possible


Front- / rear wheel drive gearboxes - test stands

The evaluation of noise generation depending on rotational speed and load od front and rear wheel drive gearboxes can be execued with the quick diagnostis test stands FSG2 and NSG2.

Main features:

  • Front wheel drive gearbox test stand with 3 drives with permanently momented drive shaft and burst protection
  • Rear wheel drive test stand with 2 drives
  • Input max. 4500r/min; 27Nm (39Nm for 60s)
  • Output max. 2000r/min; 56Nm (92Nm for 60s)


  • Operation modes: Push, pull and no-load, differential tests
  • Display of rotational speed, torque, transmission ratio
  • Possibilities of filing of transmission tables for different gearboxes and automatic detection of the gear engaged
  • Mobile test stand with lifting rollers
  • Easy mounting of gearboxes by quick-clamping system and manually mouable drives



Wear test stand for shift forks and sliding sleeves.